Wednesday, August 06, 2008


s15057 Cloisonne -  Tea Leaf - Bright Lime (1)Whoops - sorry - somehow, yesterday got missed.

s15055 Cloisonne -  Tea Leaf - Heavenly Blue (1)We have a bunch of restock that has just been received and processed. We have some of that very nice cloisonne back in - some of it won't show until tonight (midnight) when the database updates.

We also have a bunch more of the carved Chinese motifs, the little wood, bone and stone symbols s13725 Bone -  Bancho Knot - Antiqued Bone (1)that can beautifully accent a design with an eastern theme. We will have some on the site, the same ones we offered before, but there are too many designs and too much variation for us to offer them on the site. Two of this, and three of that, and one of the same in another colour - it would just drive the price up.

So the rest of them will be in the store for those who want to come in and root through them. There are fish and elephants and birds as well as the abstract symbols. Some of them are stone too, Carnelian and Agate.

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