Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sneak Peek at Next Week

s17186 Glass Drops - 9 x 8 mm Button Drops - Matt Seafoam (30)Next week - Firepolish and Pressed Glass. Cool stuff, and we managed to restock on some of those lovely, limited edition donuts that I know I'm so very fond of!

Oh, and we snagged some coin pearls. Coin pearls seem to be in short supply, and wooee - the prices have gone up. What are they doing, driving them here by car? s17199 Firepolish - 9 x 6 mm Faceted Donut - Moroccan Mystery (strand 25)

Oh, and check THESE out - tiny little goddess beads! For your fertile imaginations! s17192 Glass -  Great Speckled Goddess - Jet Raku (1)

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