Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Have you been bitten by the bug?

As a result of all the wet weather (this past July being one of the rainiest on record) Ontario has a bumper crop of mosquitos. Its even become so bad, news reports are warning motorists of wildlife being driven out of wooded areas onto highways by the bugs. Whether headed up north to cottage country, down to Olympic Island for Caribana celebrations or off to Thompson Park for Ribfest this past long weekend, hopefully everyone remembered to take along a bottle of Deep Woods Off and a tube of AfterBite.

But the mosquito wasn't the bug i was referring to - I meant have you been bitten by the beading bug?

And if you've been bitten by the beading bug, you know a tube of AfterBite or bottle of calamine lotion won't cure the itch! So why not learn to deal with your new found addiction in a productive manner. Coming this August, Catherine Winter (aka Sailorgirl) will be teaching another session of her famous How to Price your Jewelry - Starting a Microbusiness and How to Have a Successful Craft Show. Learn the ins and outs of the craft market and just what it takes to make your hobby pay for itself!

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