Thursday, August 21, 2008

The BeadFX Buyer goes to Beadfest - crossing the border

BeadFest takes place this weekend at the Valley Forge Convention Center outside of Philadelphia PA. I think it's one of the better retail shows on the east coast.

Crossing the border today was interesting - the lineups were massive as US Customs was searching everyone diligently. The poor schmucks ahead of me were searched thoroughly and then sent off to the main Customs Hall to be searched even more carefully. Then it was my turn. I handed over my passport with a sprightly, "Good Morning!" (Anyone who knows me, knows I do NOT do "sprightly", especially in the early morning).

Gruff Customs Guy: "Where you going?"
Me: "Philly"
GCG: "What for?"
M: "Going to a bead convention."
GCG: "A what??? convention"
Moi: "You know - beads. You string 'em together to make necklaces and stuff"
GCG, his eyes glazing over: "Have a nice day", as he returns my passport.

I guess pudgy, older Oriental women with strange hobbies did not meet the THS' search criteria today.

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