Monday, August 04, 2008

A Load of Bull

A load of bull arrived in my mail on Friday. I can now say that I own a head of cattle, or cow, anyway. Would I steer you wrong?

Notice the stunningly realistic eyes? (Click on the right image for a larger version). And the keen horn tips? This is a sort of collaborative effort between myself and a sculptural felt artist - Feltability - that I met on I made some eye buttons in lampworked glass, and she used them and made this very handsome Charolais bull, mounted (to go with my other stuffed mounted heads - remember the rhino beetle?) He's accurate, right down to the soft curly forelock. I love her sense of whimsy and the soft touchable tactility (is that a word? Apparently it is - or I've scared the spellchecker into resignation) of the handmade felt.

Anyway - check out her stuff - Feltability. The wolf head ring is cool. And the banana has appeal. And the ponies (I have a unicorn already!)

I've also used some of her felted beads (see the gallery) - and I have some more here that I'm waiting for inspiration to strike.

Guess I need to make more eyes!

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