Friday, August 29, 2008

Grey Day

Today was grey, mostly. The sky was grey, the weather was grey, there was a mist on everything that made all the world look saturated with water, but not with colour. Waiting at an intersection - the car across from me was a happy orange, a lovely ripe mango flesh colour. Mmm. Tasty and happy. I watched, as four cars in various shades of grey crossed the intersection. Then more. The cars next to me were grey. Look - a dull sage grey. And more grey. And oooh, a black car! More grey. I sat, stunned, as a parade of endless grey cars, filled with grey people and their grey lives? sped past.

What happened to the colour of our cars? When did it get decided that we all had to be so conservative and dull? Look at me - I'm so wise I have to advertise that I'm dull and make safe choices. Bleh! Remember when cars were Turquoise and Coral and Peach. Or how about Lime Gold? Or Chevy Orange and Candy Apple Red?

Think I'm exaggerating - check this out - top car colour choices for 2006.

Hmmph. I still liked the tasty little orange sports car. You rock!

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