Monday, August 11, 2008

From diapers and bottles to bling and glitter!!

Welcome Back, Cynthia!

This week, we welcome back Cynthia, who is returning from Maternity Leave. She has been never really far away, dropping in occasionally with her baby girl or her boys, staying in the loop. But now, she will be back and in the store - so Welcome Back! Here's her comments and thoughts:
As August begins, my time is up and I am happy to say that I will be returning to Beadfx this week. It has been almost a year since Sophia was born and I am retreating from the world of diapers and bottles back to the glitter and bling at Beadfx. I am returning as the Special Project Manager. I will be in the store on a part time basis--just long enough to get my Swarovski fix!!

While my year has been filled with the giggles and glee of a baby girl I have missed adult conversations, weekly updates and playing with the beads as we put them on display. Sophia has become the Queen of the castle at our domain, her brothers are her most loyal subjects, and she will be hard to leave but the promise of the stone of the month, the upcoming shows and the shimmer and glimmer will make it easier to take.

Thanks to everyone for all of the warm wishes when I left and I look forward to seeing all of our regulars, new and old, in the store once more!!
We're delighted to see you back - I'm sure that you are looking forward to intelligent, adult conversation again. Not sure you'll find too much of it here around all the babbling bead-addicts, but welcome anyway! ;-)

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