Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beadmaking Demo's and Bead Show - This Saturday

If you're going to be in town this weekend, or planning on coming to Toronto. Please stop by the store on Saturday for our Beadmakers Trunkshow. The show runs from 10am to 5pm in the store. We'll have lots of yummy goodies and refreshments available throughout the day.

One huge highlight of the day is the beadmaking demo's. Our studio is always a popular spot during these shows (we also keep the treats in there!). Throughout the day, a number of beadmakers will be showing you how they create their tiny works of art in glass. Have you ever wondered just how they get those tiny little flowers in there? Feel free to spend as long as you want watching, and asking questions. If you're really keen, you can even sign up for one of our beadmaking classes.

The following glass beadmakers will have tables of their beads for sale. This is your chance to pick up some fabulous one of a kind beads! Our beadmakers will be have tables throughout the store, and the classroom is taken over completely.

Dwyn Tomlinson aka Dragonjools
Jody Wieler
Elly Peters
Erin Maloney
Nortel (Glass and tools for sale)
Amy Waldman-Smith
Aimee Kennedy
Kirsty Naray
Susan Stortini


Stephanie said...


I was soooo looking forward to going the trunk show - but I have been paralyzed in front of my jewellery. I have beautiful lampworked beads/jewellery by Amy Waldman Smith, Sue Wise, Sailor Girl, Kirsty Naray and Erin Maloney. How do you expect me to show my face if I chose one piece instead of another? How do I decide? What do I do? Should I just come "naked" - sans accoutrement?!?

Please help me... I don't want to show up wearing all of a crazy lady!

I am now going into a corner with Muck and Scum and rock back and forth!

dragonjools said...

I see your solution was brilliant. You brought in an unfinished piece and asked me to make a bead for it. How perfect was that?

Glad you managed to crawl out of the corner and come down!

I just read about some major celebrity that keeps dozens of pairs of shoes in the trunk of her car and changes shoes a half dozen times a day. And they say we're crazy. Mwa ha ha ha.