Monday, August 18, 2008

Colour Hunter

We have another shout out to Stephanie this week for finding yet another awesome site. You may have already found this last week if you spent any time searching through all of the colour forecasting links. This one I'm really quite impressed with though.

Color Hunter: Use this color tool to create color palettes from images. If you don’t have an image, you can find color palettes on Color Hunter when you enter a search term in the box at the top of the page. You can search by tag or hex color code or image URL.

Here are two versions done with our new donut beads.

On another note for you metal clay addicts. Our shipment of Art Clay is on it's way! We should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Unfortunately, it'll be back at a bit of a higher price. Art Clay World recently had to increase their prices on metal clay. Unfortunately, we do have to increase ours as well.


Stephanie Dixon said...

Thanks for the shout out!!!! Glad to see you used the "horrible, ugly beads" in the example.

I bought some - and Dwyn is right - they are gawd awful. Noone should be subjected to them. Muck and Scum - p-tooie, p-tooie!

Will e-mail a pic of my hideous creation once I can bear to finish it!

dragonjools said...

ROFLMAO - See - I TOLD you they were 'orrible. When you can no longer stand to have them around, send them all to me.