Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Trunk Show

What a blast! We always have so much fun at these events. It's really nice to get together with other lampworkers, some of whom we don't get a chance to see very often. Lot's of laughter was heard throughout the day, and our customers we're so excited to show off their new bead purchases.

I'm pretty sure we snared a few potential glass bead newbies to join us in upcoming classes too ;-)

Lot's of pics, so I'll keep the writing short....what that really means is that thanks to Dwyn, I'm addicted to word games on freerice. This is why my blog posting is so late today. (grin)


Anonymous said...

OK, now I officially hate you for these pictures! I would ordinarily have been at the trunk show, but am currently in New Brunswick working (I travel for my company). From what I can see with my bad eyesight and the small pics, Amy has some new glass toggles. Dang!! I need those!! time.
Looks like you all had fun!


dragonjools said...

Yes, she does. You can catch her at the upcoming Oasis show, however!

Stephanie said...

If you really like that pink coloured toggled - too bad! I bought it and it is lovely! They are super cool!

bluesky said...

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