Monday, March 12, 2012

Sneak Peek at the new items from Swarovski

Twice a year, Swarovski treats us to a preview of their new items, new colours, new shapes.

They have these gorgeous "flags" - they call them - samplers with the new items put on them to give you some idea of the usage. They are truly stunning works of art - all hand made with beautiful fabrics, and just dripping with crystals. They are strictly limited in availability - going only to the major, direct importers. I think you have to kill someone to get on the list to get them.

Anyway - here's some pics for you to drool over!

Here are some close ups, starting from the top. These are  the new Crystal Blends. Last year's crystal blend beads were Amethyst Blend, and Topaz Blend - both subtle shadings of a single colour. These are more dramatic - with Fern Green / Topaz (left) and Burgundy / Blue Zircon (right).

 The lovely watermelon rainbow effect  - Crystal Vitrail Medium - will be available on more beads and pendants.
 As will the effect - Crystal Comet Argent Light. Both of these are designated "P" - with a protective layer that makes the coating even more robust, and resistant to fingerprints as well. Geez - can they come and put that on my furniture?

This is Crystal Luminous Green - this is a new "effect" for this spring. For those of you not familiar, colours are inherent in the glass, and "effects" are coatings added afterwards. This Luminous Green shimmers between green and violet - and this picture really doesn't do it justice! 
 Rose Peach is the new colour, and has a matching pearl that is new too.

We'll be rolling out these new products just as soon as we get our hot little hands on them!

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Wow I love that large elipse pendant - its gorgeous!!!