Thursday, March 08, 2012

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See Spot Bead ...

s31503 Stone Beads - 8 x 10 mm Tumbled Nugget - Dalmatian Jasper (strand)
This is Spot.
Spot is a Bead.
Bead, Spot, Bead! 

March's stone of the month is Dalmatian Jasper. Dalmatian Jasper is named, surprisingly - as it is obvious - and the obvious tends to surprise these days - for the Dalmatian dog. The origin of the name of the dog is a little less clear - it appears to be named not for the country of Dalmatia (a mountainous chunk of Europe that is now part of Croatia) - but rather for the liturgical or royal ceremonial over-robe called a dalmatic. The dalmatic, however, got s31501 Stone Beads -  Faceted Hexagram - Dalmatian Jasper (strand)it's name from being made of Dalmatian wool - wool from sheep from Dalmatia. 

How's that for a round-about route? Or root, if you will. I'm not altogether sure that the modern Dalmatian (dog) breeder would be too happy about the association with the stone, as rather than being the pure white and even sprinkling of black or liver spots that they strive for - this Dalmatian Jasper is far more colourful. It is a creamy base colour with lots of tan and caramel, and the obligatory black spots. Call it, if you will - Dalmatian-who-has-been-playing-in-the-mud Jasper. 

Metaphysically - the stone is supposed to help you release a tendency to over analyze or over-think things. No prize for guessing that I'm not wearing any of it right now. ;-)

s32109 Finished Necklace - 20 inch Rubber Cord w Plug Clasp - Black (1)What all else have we this week? It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that this week.
Looking for a simple, easy way to just throw on a pendant? Of course you are - this is a rubber cord with a friction plug clasp. You stick one molded end into the opening at the other, and it just stays together. To take off, just pull it apart, and it will make a squidgy sucking pop noise - like losing a boot in a field of mud, and standing there on one leg with your sock dangling off your foot and your dog trying to drag you in one direction and a herd of cows coming at you from the other direction and your best friend sitting on the fence killing herself laughing. You know the noise I mean.

tc94-6559-27 Findings - Link - 17 mm Leaf Round Button - Antiqued Gold (1)
If you are a daydream believer, I be-leaf you might enjoy these leaf motif button-like findings. The leaf motif is not in vain, but it is in vein. (I know - I'll be pun-ished for this). In silver, gold, and copper

tc94-6561-27 Findings - Link - 13 x 15 mm Wafflecone Rectangle Button - Antiqued Gold (1)
Waffling on the leafy buttons? How about these Wafflecone buttons? Or links. With two holes - you can use them as links, or as clasps. You can make earrings - use one hole to attach the earring loop and the other for a nice dangle. In Antiqued Gold, Copper, Silver, or Noir

tc94-3146-18 Findings - Separator/Connector - 3 Hole Joined Heishi Bar - Copper (1)"Ha!" you say, "What I really need is something with 3 holes!" Oh, really? Well - we got your 3-hole separator right here, baby! Laying around - these look like a little pile of heishi beads, but they are actually 3-hole separators. Also in copper, gold, antiqued gold, noir and bright rhodium

s32133 Findings - Large Retractable Security Badge/Card Clip - Nickel (1)Still working that corporate job with the identity card that you have to drag out every time you go out for a bagel? Walking around with a ID card on is such a fashion statement - not! Try this spiffy retractable leash ID badge clip. Clip this to your clothing, and you can spool out 12 inches of leash and wave that card at the scanner. What else can you think of where you need something to spool out of the way? Keys? And the best part is, you can bling up the clip part to match your sparkling personality! 

Plated metal pinch bails. 23002002 Findings - Pinch Bails - 18 mm Squeeze-a-Bail with Loop - Bright Silver (1)Now in 4 sizes, from 12 to 22 mm! 

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