Friday, March 16, 2012

Bead Insanity!!!

I'm sure you know by now that the March Madness sale is on. If you didn't know....well head over to for all the details and start shopping!!!

Today, Thursday, was the first day of the sale and I'm so thankful that I survived and am able to write this blog tonight.

As I mentioned in last Thursday's blog, I was all set to start working on a great crochet pattern in the latest issue of Bead and Button, but I had brought the wrong size of hook. So, I was prepared with my whole set of itty bitty steel hooks this week for Open Beading Night. Using a big eye needle, I started loading the size 11/0 mix on the Miyuki crochet thread along with sequins. I am totally loving the way the variegated thread works up. Well, the 10 stitches I did looked great....

And then bead insanity grabbed a hold of my usually mild mannered Open Beading Night participants...

We have a group of devoted beaders who come faithfully week in, week out and we have others who come for a little help and inspiration. This week saw a very diverse, enthusiastic and creative group. Let me tell you a bit about them and what you can expect if you decide to join our crazy group one night.

Bonnie and Dawn: uber awesome sisters! If there was a medal for best all around beaders like they have in Olympic gymnastics, these two would share a gold medal. Of late, Bonnie's been doing a lot of stitching with tubular bead crochet and Dawn's been stitching beaded beads galore.

Barb was out tonight too. I'll never forget the first time she came in and just happened to have an Entrelac knit scarf she was working on with her. Marg and I drooled over how beautiful it was. Barb's first beading course was Basic Bead Stringing with Nadine Foskin a few years ago and then she turned up in my Wire Bead Crochet Basics class. And well, the rest is history.

Claudette! Claudette is a member of both the Toronto Bead Society and the West Toronto Beading Guild. I've heard she's a quilter too and that's she just learned to knit socks! Claudette makes beautiful jewellery that her daughter and granddaughters seem to end up wearing!

Are you seeing a multi craftie trend happening?

But not everyone who comes to Open Beading Night are seasoned veterans. That's where Shelley comes in. Brand new to beading. I mean brand spanking new. I helped Shelley choose a project that could be done in an hour on her first night out. She did a super job and I was thrilled to see the look of pride and satisfaction on her face when she left. Shelley has become a regular now too. It's great to see her skills and confidence grow each week.

Tonight we were joined by three new ladies: Anne, Ranee and Ginette. Anne was stringing, Ranee was playing with memory wire and Ginette was crocheting with wire.

So how did the bead insanity infect the OBN gang? I don't think all 8 were in the classroom at the same time. They were running amok in the store filling up their bead trays. Then they would lure me in to the store to help them choose between this sparkly thing and another. I have a rough life!!!

Needless to say Open Beading Night is a blast. Open Beading Night during March Madness is BEAD INSANITY!

To reserve your seat for Open Beading Night, please call 416-701-1373 during business hours

As Prince sang, "Let's Go Crazy"!

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Bonnie JC said...

What a night ! ! got on the wrong bus ! ! ! lol then shopped till I dropped, was going to finish a project but shopping got in the way.