Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bonus Blog: An Expert's Guide to Shopping a Sale

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's shopping. My prowess increases when a sale is on, especially a bead sale. With just over 24 hours of March Madness, I thought I would share some of my expert tips with you.

Bead Basics
The first thing I do when preparing to shop a bead sale is take stock of what I have on hand that I consider the bead basics.
*jump rings
*ear wires
What colours and metals do I use the most?
*silvertone (bright and antique)
*goldtone (bright and antique)
*copper (bright and antique)
*brass (bright and antique)
*sterling silver

Make a list for yourself of the "needs", "wants" and splurges. I personally still have trouble with the difference between need and want!! I'm sure I'm not the only one. If you find that you go through quite a number of these items in a year or are planning to participate in the summer craft show circuit, you should definitely be buying the bulk packages.

For Stringers and Bead Weavers
I recommend that you take a look at how your needles are doing. I can bend mine into crazy shapes when I'm doing what seem like a million pass throughs.

How is your thread stash? Do you have the basic white, black and grey?

Think about
*Thread conditioners
*Beading wire: fine, medium and heavy
*clasps and cones
*lots of projects call for 15/0 seed beads and usually in metallic colours. Gold, silver, copper, bronze. These are the meat and potatoes of bead embroidery. Stock up now. You know you'll use them.

Check to see what gauges you have. Are you missing any colours? Did you know that beadFX sells Parawire on super big spools of 800+ feet? Now would be the time to buy those ones.

Take time to look at your tools. Are you using a ratty old pair of cutters that seem to only work with a combination of grip strength and a prayer? These are your most important tools, do not suffer using crappy ones as your work will suffer too.

Basics done...what next?

Do you have UFO's around the house? Why? Is it because you didn't have one of the supplies or components? You can buy it now!

Take a look at your favorite beading magazine or book. Is there a project calling to you? Stalking you in your dreams? Buy the what you need for that project.

Not sure what you want to do? Buy a new book or magazine and explore the possibilities. Look through the inspirations on our website and pick a project there.

The Splurge
You know there is something that's on your wish list. Is it the earring card punch kit? A big, beautiful, sparkly Swarovski pendant? It is the riveting tool?

Here's my best expert tip: Buy it, it's on sale.

But wait, there's more... If your birthday, anniversary or any celebratory occasion is coming up, buy it. Give it to your mother/father/husband/wife/partner/child/etc and tell them not to worry about the hassle of buying you a gift, because you bought it yourself, it was on sale and give them the receipt to reimburse you. Not only are you getting what you want, you had fun buying it and saved them time and money. Trust me, I've done this and it works.

In Summary

Buy the basics you need.
Buy what you need to finish projects.
Buy what you need to start new projects.
You are a fabulously creative person who deserves to splurge once in a while.

Think about it. BeadFX's March Madness Sale happens only once a year.

Is there anything you would add this buying guide? Post a comment and share your thoughts!!

Tick tock!

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Judy Deshaies said...

Stephanie, you are the best. I love your info and your spirit. Thanks!

BonnieBJC said...

The Dixon Chick knows her stuff

BonnieBJC said...

The Dixon Chick knows her stuff

Giana Forzareli said...

The Bead Soup reveals looks very enticing. I am awaiting the July 28th reveal. I have a couple of crystal beads lying around my house that are waiting for an inspiring piece of art to model from. I am also interesting in purchasing more beads to complete my current project. Thanks for the post!