Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Certification class this April

Time is flying by Hadar Jacobson will be teaching at BeadFx next week, I can't believe it.

Additionally, I will be teaching a certification class the third weekend in April (April 20-22, 2012). This date is fast approaching and if you are interested here is some information:

-The class is three days long

-Techniques include: making a brooch with a fine silver finding; painting a leaf; syringe work (three projects); making a band ring; making a rolled ring; fireable and non fireable gemstones; overlay paste on porcelain; torch firing and more

-Of course I will share my experience and thoughts and give you all the tips I can in the three days

Certification classes are not for everyone. The Level One Art Clay Certification course requires students to complete a series of projects satisfactorily and demonstrate knowledge and understanding regarding techniques required from these projects. There are guidelines for each project that must be met and some students may find this limiting and frustrating (I hate having constraints put on my creativity) but is the nature of maintaining standards.

Here is a sample of one of the projects:

A silver leaf that is both a brooch and a pendant (pendant part is not a requirment)

Why do people take certification?

  1. For the Art Clay World USA discount on silver clay (not gold or copper or tools). This is a significant incentive for many (this discount is honored through Art Clay World USA; BeadFX also honor this discount! Thanks Beadfx.)

  2. Learn and develop skills - I found certification classes an excellent opportunity to expand my skills and confidence. Please note the course is not for a beginners . (It is important to that have understanding and knowledge of metal clay before signing up. The course is designed for individuals who have some understanding and comfort with metal clay. That being said I do educate and teach skills and techniques throughout the course so don't feel that you need to have it all figured out before signing up. But if you have not used metal clay before or don't feel comfortable working with the clay then this is not a course for you.)

  3. Develop skills to teach Art Clay to others. With certification you are recognized by Art Clay World to teach beginner classes. Although not everyone wants to teach and that is OK you can still take the class.

One final thought about certification, when I teach, I always encourage students to create items they truly love and to bring their own personal style to a project this is not necessarily the case when I teach Certificaitons. Certification projects needs to be complete according certain standards outlined in the instructions thereby restricting your creativity by the guidelines as well as time constraints. During certifications, I encourage students to not spend to much time worrying about making a project "their own" as the course is only three days and there is not enough time to ponder on how to execute your design. As I mentioned earlier this can be frustrating for students but knowing this before you come to class can help a lot.

Please sign up early as the class will be small (not many spaces available) and I need to order your supplies!

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Fine Silver Girl said...

Please note the discount on silver clay is not 35% as previously noted for new certifications.