Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Stuff

Don't put a crimp in your style ...

96005316 Findings - Decorative Crimp Ends - Medium Flower - Sterling (1)Put style in your crimps instead! 

Well - now aren't these nifty? Decorative Crimp ends, that you can use with cable, wire, chain, leather, etc. You can glue or crimp these, or even invent your own way to use them! Four styles - two sizes each. I'm thinking you could use them in earrings to make a cute dangle with maybe some headpins hanging down, or maybe some feathers and some crystals on coloured wire. What do you think? 

s32211 Glass - 8 x 11 mm Coffee Bean - Matte Chocolate Garnet (Colour Change) (Strand 15)Do you remember our coffee bean beads? Have you been waiting for them to come back? Well - here you go - restock and some new ones - including this Chocolate Garnet colour. Looks brown in the photo, right? But in some lights, it is a strong shade of red! Same bead - changes colour, depending on the lighting! We have them in Licorice and Cinnamon too! They don't change colour, however!

s32218 Glass Beads -  Twisted Ovals - Jet (Strand 15)Other interesting shapes of beads too! These twisted ovals have clean, elegant lines, and because they are wider than they are thick, are nice and light for the visual impact that they have. 

s32232 Window Beads - 9 mm Faceted Nuggets - Great Lakes (Strand 15)At the other end of the spectrum, we have these chunky Faceted Nuggets. These have a sort of rolling, tumbling rock vibe, and have a stoney finish that has been polished off - to give you the impression that you are peeking though windows into the glowing colour inside! 

s32240 Findings - Clasps - Box Clasp w Stone -  Sea Garden - Brass / Seafoam (1)Hey - how about a nice clasp to go with those? Perhaps this Sea Garden glass and brass clasp to go with those Great Lakes faceted nuggets? s32236 Pressed Glass -  Arrow Drop - Satin Stormy Seas (1)OOOh, or these Satin Stormy Seas Arrow Drop? Oh, oh, oh, s32233 Pressed Glass - 11 mm Flower of David - Seafoam Opal Satin (1)or these, these are Seafoam Opal Satin Flowers of David

And this Pinch Bail - with a humongous hole you could drive a s32242 Findings - Pinch Bail -  Bamboo and Sprig - Bright Brass (1)truck through - how awesome are these? You're going to want these for sure!
s32249 Findings - Pinch Bail -  Bamboo and Sprig - Sterling (1)
We have them in sterling too - but smaller - but still very cool. 

And this clasp - this rocks! The dichroic s32241 Sterling - Box Clasp w Stone -  Oval Cabochon - Dichroic Glass (1)glass cabochon is just lovely - and looks a lot like opal. 

Now this would be a splurge, but what an awesome s32248 Finding - Clasp - Toggle - 2 Strand Hidden Treasure of the Oyster - Sterling / Tahitian Grey Pearl (1)clasp for a truly special necklace. It's a very interesting mechanism, but once you figure it out - you can see that it is a type of toggle. The oyster closes over the pearl and snaps shut - making the pearl inside your own little secret.

Woohoo - oodles of other inspiring new and newish and existing items to choose from around the site, so go ahead, click on a link or a picture above, or start with the Main Page, if you are feeling intrepid, (there is a LOT of stuff there), or chunk it down into bite-size portions by checking out the categories: Click on a link and go crazy! Firepolish, Pressed Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Seedbeads, Stone and Pearls, Preciosa Crystal, Metal Beads, Other Cool Beads, Findings, Metal Clay & Supplies or Books, Kits, Tools. Look for the "new" tags!
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