Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay - Base Metal Clays

Unfortunately, I didn't get as much metal clay work done this weekend as I had hoped. I had to go over to my parents and help clear out their house as they have decided suddenly to move out of their house. On the bright side I have discovered many interesting craft supplies as I
sorted and packed boxes. Found some solid craft knifes, a burnisher and much more....

Anyway, I had hoped to have had more time to play with Hadar Jacobson's base metal clays and her new book, "Patterns of Color in Metal Clay" .

It is a great book with fabulous ideas. I can see so many fun things to do. I started a project she has in the book titled White Bronze Overlay Link Necklace (page 118), I haven't gotten far but it is three layers: bronze (gold coloured); copper and white bronze on top. I have only gotten the shapes started and one piece layered with copper.

Container Idea:

Other thoughts, I realized now I have steel, copper, bronze, and white bronze clay I need additional containers to store this clay. I didn't have any extra buddy cups hanging around. So I decided to try contact lens cases. I bought I set of two from Shoppers Drug Mart the other day, they have a snap top and should seal well (one would think). I will let you know how the clay stores in things is they are tiny so you can't get more than (I guess) 15 grams in them.

Kids and Metal Clay

A final note. Last weekend, as a gift for one of my son's friends, I did a brief metal clay playtime. a a birthday party. Look at the results below. All the pieces were made by a group of 8-12 year-olds. (Actually, one piece {the piece with a snake stamped on it] was done by a 6 year old who came in late and other kids taught him how to make his own piece while I was helping another child. The pieces are Fast Fire BronzeClay.

Next week, I hope to have some finished pictures. Have a great week!

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