Monday, March 19, 2012

More New stuff from Swarovski

As I mentioned last week - Swarovski makes these lovely sample flags. They look like they would be a fun thing to make - I bet they would be way more effective if you were doing shows and wanted to show the available colours to your potential customers. A nice handmade flag of heavy silk or velvet, with short strands of the various colours stitched on - what an awesome sales tool that would be!

Here is the next flag with more new stuff.

 These are the new Crystal Mesh balls. These will be different from the existing Mesh balls that you have seen, in that they are made over a Swarovski pearl. The ones we have seen so far are hollow, and while they seem to be strong enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of being used and worn - they suffer sometimes from Canada Post handling them. I'm betting Lee will be really happy to not have to refund any more squashed balls!
 These rondelles (sorry about the photo!) - are Swarovski crystals set in a plastic finding. Clear, black, or white. Guess what. You can dye the white ones - just use a standard fabric dye like Rit(tm) - and it won't affect the stone.
 Pearls - a new line of pearls with an opaque look - for a gemstone look. These have the look of round stone beads, but the consistency and availability of a manufactured item. Existing "pearls" have a translucent/transparent coating - for a more luminous, light reflecting quality. These, being opaque, have a more solid, grounded look.

Seven new colours join the existing two - Ivory and Mystic Black.

From the left, Red Coral, Coral, Pink Coral, Ivory, Jade, Turquoise, Lapis, Dark Lapis, Mystic Black.
 Close up of the pearls, with the rondelles as spacers.

And the Chessboard cut, as buttons, studs and decorative buttons. Oh, and by the way - this is hot - we will shortly have a new hand tool for applying these buttons and studs and snaps and other items so that you don't have to buy a $600 machine to apply them. (If you want a $600 machine to apply them, fine, let us know, but we're thinking that a hand tool that allows you to get started is more up your alley. If you launch into full fledged production mode - fine - we'll help you source the big machine!)

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