Monday, June 06, 2011


One of the gals on the Facebook group "Bead Unique" asked this question on the weekend - "What is the most memorable item of jewelry you had as a teenager?"

It was such a great question - I thought I'd steal it. Post your answer in the comments - you can leave it anonymous if you like!

Here's my answer:

There were a few - but the one that pops to mind was a neckpiece - hinged crescents of metal with a big round pendant about 2 inches or more across, gold plated and crusted with jade chips. I saved a long time to buy it - it was on the bargain table of the "good" jewelry store. (Tells you how "good" they were.) It was like wearing some huge piece of Incan ceremonial jewelry. The gold wore off on the edges, but it still looked surprisingly good, years later. I wore it as "something old" at my second wedding. Yep - I still have it. It was funky, it was avante garde (for the town I lived in!) - I was never surprised that it was on "sale." It did not suit the town and it's small-town "make no statements" mentality at all. I loved it.

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