Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay - A No Flake Foil Firing Box

Yay, I have my No Flake Foil that I ordered to create firing box for base metal clays and today, I am going to make it into a box.

What is No Flake Foil and why would I use it. Last month I blogged about ways to contain carbon for firing, the steel pan I use for firing leaves a black dust in my kiln which is messy!!!! So I am attempting a less messy solution with this foil. It is like very thick like aluminum foil and it is supposed to not flake (as in the name).

I had my own idea in my head on how to make my box but decided to surf the web for other ideas. Good Ole Cool Tools has published a video on YOU TUBE - showing each step. It is a well made box.

I wanted to make a box a bit larger (six inches square) and one with less step.I am not sure whether the size will be a problem (for my kiln) as space around your box is essential for firing. (Note: When I was finished building my box I put it in my kiln, a paragon firefly, if fits but there is very little space around the sides. I think that 5 and half inches square may be a wiser size.)

All I used was a ruler and scissors.

  1. I cut the foil to be 12 inches by 12 inches.

  2. I folded three inches for each side into the middle.

  3. I opened up two sides and folded each corner in a triangle (please see photo).

  4. Voila, this is clearly not a pretty but not bad for a first try. Obviously the Cool Tools example is better finished but I wanted to make a bigger box without `wasting any foil`.

This is definitely not as pretty as Cool Tools but, it will serve its purpose. It is a bit larger which I hope will allow me to load a bit more stuff in there!!!

I will not make a lid. I have found that a tight lid affects my firings. I think I will lay a few strips of foil on top.

Now I need some fresh carbon and test this baby out!!!. I will let you know the results.

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