Thursday, June 09, 2011

Birthday Sparkle PomPom's and other random bits

My oldest daughter turns 8 today! Next weekend for her birthday she wanted to have a Victorian Tea Party - That's all planned and organized, but now it's time for me to make all of the decorations - or buy them...We'll see how the timing goes :-)  I have started dying and painting coffee filters to make huge glittery pompom's. Like these:

Source: Snowy Bliss - click on the link for the tutorial

To take it up a notch for a little girl who wants everything to sparkle and glitter - I've decided I'm going to hotfix some Swarovki Crystals to the edge the filters after they're dyed and dry.  Last night I managed to paint a few dozen filters - but for the rest I'll go get some RIT dye today. Painting with water colours (which was all I had) was taking far too long. 
Some of these will have Swarovski Crystals, some will have the edges embellished with glitter.  Most I'm sure will be left plain :-)

Completely unrelated - but far more awesome.... The best Dad - ever.  Check it out! 

And one other little thing for you Zentangle fans - I came across these plates the other day. You can make your own!

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