Monday, June 20, 2011

It Never Gets Old

I've been doing some cleaning and sorting and tidying - and I found a box of beads. Ok, no surprise there.

Instore, we have little packages of random bead mixes called "Auntie Gwen's Bead Soup." These are made up from odds and ends and left-overs from packaging. You get some really good stuff in there. It used to be that the person that put these little bags of goodies together was me. I had a box of bags and labels and a scoop and I would sit at the dining room table, sometimes assisted by friends, and we would make mixes and bag beads and chat.

(Actually - that's the origin of the name, Auntie Gwen's. My first husband's grandmother was a little hard of hearing - she called me Gwen and I never had the heart to correct her.)

I no longer have time for this little task, and it has passed out of my hands and into the capable hands of others.

However, much to my surprise, I uncovered a very large box, filled with beads, dating back from when I used to be in charge of this.

So I schlepped it back to the store - "Look what I found!"

"Oh fabulous," cried Rosemary, positively pouncing on it, "We need more beads for the 'Auntie Gwens.'" Next thing you know, Rosemary and Marg and I are sifting through the beads - "Oooo - look at those!" "Wow - we haven't had these in a while!" "Omigawd, I loved these."

And I thought - here we are, between us, we probably have at least 30 years experience with beads of all kinds, and we still get excited about it. How cool is that?

Beads. They never go bad. ;-)


Gail DB said...

That is cool... I just hope there's some left when I get to BeadFX... ha! In cleaning out my basement, and sifting through boxes, I found a NYC subway token from the 70's. You KNOW where that's going.

Marie-Andree said...

I love the auntie gwen's mixes... so much fun! I've made boatloads of freeform projects with them, as well as spirit bags, bracelets & necklaces. Smile!