Monday, June 13, 2011

Earrings on Parade

Oh, last week's update with all the pretty new brass findings has me really inspired!

I've been making earrings! Pretty pink and gold earrings!

s29252 Findings - Link - 3 : 1 Cup Connector - Brass (1)This is the Findings - Link - 3 : 1 Cup Connector - Brass (1) plus a Swa flatback - Swarovski Elements Hot Fix Rhinestone - ss20 - Xilion Rose (2028) - Light Rose (144) I used the Hot Fix stone, because it was what I had - but the hot fix glue is not so hot on metal, so I just glued it in place with regular glue. You can glue the hot fix stones with whatever glue works for the surface you are sticking to, if you need to. The SS20s fit in the cup, but there is a little extra room. Not sure if you could go up a size though!

A left and a right version of this link means you can have mirror image versions of this earring! (I love it when earrings are mirror-image pairs!

Findings - Link - Double Nosy Posy - Inline Connection - Brass (1)
Findings - Link - Mirror Double Nosy Posy - Inline Connection - Brass (1)

These don't come in mirror image pairs, but I didn't realize that for a while as they are so nicely finished on the back, you can flip one over and it looks like a mirror image. From a reasonable distance, hardly anyone will know. From an unreasonable distance (really, really close) - well - they probably aren't looking at your earrings!

Findings - Earring - Chandelier - Double Nosy Posy - Oval Drape - Brass (1)

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