Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Happy Wednesday all.  I've been busy this morning trying to book my daughter's birthday party *somewhere*, because as usual I've left it far too long... Really where does the time go? It's June already. Yikes.  And for those of you long time followers, or those of you who remember me waddling around the store pregnant...And we all know that seemed like yesterday.  Guess what? Maya will be 8. Yes, 8.

I've also been trying to plan our summer vacation. That also was pushed aside while we waited to find out when hubby could get holidays. Yesterday, in a mad dash to find a cottage *somewhere*, *anywhere*... I found a lovely place up near Algonquin Park.
I'm hoping that since we'll be so far up north we might have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, but we may be a bit early. The best time is August.

Now that I have the planning out of the way, I always like to take beading projects with me to cottages. I rarely get a chance to actually open the case once there - but you never know, if I don't bring them, it will rain all week long. :-)

I think I'm going to pick up a copy of Julia Pretl's book:
Buy the book here!
Along with a stash of seedbeads, thread and a traveling bead project case or two.  This should keep me busy over the holidays!

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