Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beaded Journals

The other day, quite by accident,  I ran across an image of an antique (circa 1842) beaded German songbook. While I would love to have a peek at it in person - the $1300 price tag is a bit out of my reach.  Of course, I'm now quite obsessed with finding other beaded books. As you can imagine trying to google "beaded book" is impossible. I've tried all kinds of variations including being specific about the binding being beaded, not a book about beads ;-) Still no luck.  I did however come across a beading journal project that seems to have ended last year. You can still view the project and gallery online, and there are some fabulous examples of bead embroidery journal pages done by contemporary artists.

Be sure to check out the Bead Journal Project - Wonderful beady eye candy!


Anonymous said...

i googled "bookbinding with beads" and got an interesting site.
Anne in Saskatchewan

Genevieve said...

Hi Jen... I was a member of the Bead Journal Project in the first year, and it was a great experience. The BJP is still going on in 2011 as far as I know.