Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday!

This past week I've been spending pretty much every available free minute on the torch making beads. It's been quite a while since I focused on beadmaking, and I needed to immerse myself back into it. I'm tempted to head back down there later tonight. So many ideas to try out!

Here's a few pics of what I've been making - nothing super fancy, just getting my feet wet again.

I've got some of these up on my etsy site, and some up on ebay. With luck, I'll have a bunch to bring into the shop on Sunday as well.

We would love to have you show off your stuff! We're you inspired this past week by anything? Send us pics of your creation to with the subject line "Inspiration Friday"

1 comment:

MitziMakes said...

Gorgeous beads! I especially love the turquoise ones - just lovely!