Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Eye Candy from Tucson

While our fearless beader was down in Tucson - she took some technique classes that have her all excited, and the rest of us too - as it means more way cool stuff to play with.

It's really pretty cool being part of the beadFX team, you know. Whenever one of us goes off on a beady tangent - we tend to all have a go at it. Not everyone sticks with every new thing, but the enthusiasm is certainly contagious!

One of the classes was making this blingy compact! Is this not awesome? Judith Leiber - eat your heart out.

As a result of this - look for new shapes of rhinestones, particularly those butterflies! - and a new glue, a single part glue for use on metal! I would try this on my cell phone if I wasn't flat out convinced that the minute I do - it would die and I'd have to replace it.

This cuff bracelet is riveted. The stones come with settings, and you take the stones out, rivet the setting onto the blank, and put the stone back in place.
Here is the back with the rivets. The riveting tool is here and being processed. Not sure about an ETA on the stones/findings.

I've been playing with the riveting tool with some of our existing Vintaj and metal components. I still need to add some more stuff to this - some stones maybe. The little cogs are actually daisy spacers - riveted in place. The riveting tool really is easy to use! It makes the holes in the metal, then shapes the rivet in the second step.

Kewel, eh?

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