Thursday, March 03, 2011

Artistic Wire Jumprings

22800511-01 Jumprings - Artistic Wire - 20 ga - ID 4.76 mm (3/16 in) Open Round - Non-Tarnish Silver Plate (Pack)Boy, were we all excited when Artistic Wire(tm) brought out their jumprings made especially for Chaine Maille. Nice little pre-packaged lots, all counted and ready to go, and in sizes designed to work well in chainmaille patterns. This is the bee's knees, we thought.


Apparently everyone else thought so too.

Even the sales folks at Artistic Wire were all excited. One of them said must have said, "Hey - why don't we take these to Walmart and Michael's and other big craft chains too!"

Unfortunately - no one in the production department did the math. And they are now three months back-ordered, they say, and we feel that three months is probably being unduly optimistic.

So - it's not that we aren't restocking to be ornery - we just can't get the inventory.

Sorry folks.


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