Monday, March 14, 2011

All Sorts of Ideas

All sorts of ideas - sleeting through through my brain!

Attended the Swarovski new product presentation on Friday with Marg - she's already seen all the new stuff - well - heck - so have I - I've photographed a whack of it and you will see some of it in this week's update. That's not the point - the point is to get ideas about kewel new ways to use the new stuff, and the old, and generally be inspired!

One of the things that Swarovski does is present their new items on "flags" - beautifully crafted fabric wall-hangings that photography does not do any justice to at all. Rich silks and exotic fabrics - all hand-made into a limited-edition series of "art objects" that display their new products, and old, in innovative ways. I wish we could get some for the store - but they are not for sale, at any price.

Here's a detail from one - an idea that has my wheels turning. This is a large fancy stone, held in place with a smaller one. It's a way of holding some of these items that don't have stringing holes - just big holes, in place. Hmmmm - I can use that idea.

A necklace, by a designer with an Indian influence - as if the pink and green colour scheme didn't give that away. Notice the very fine wire - almost invisible, but becoming part of the design - holding the stone in place in the metal ring - love the way it adds texture and becomes part of the design. Hmmmmm. (Click on the image if you want to see this up close.)

and here is the back. A counterweight - to offset the front pendant. Hmmmmm. Always love the hidden details.

This flag has pearls juxtaposed with the rough looking ceramic beads. Hmmm - pearls and rocks.

This detail shows some of the stones that have mounts available. Hmmmm.

And these show some of the metallic flat backs that are available. Not only are they really neat looking, but they are less expensive than the crystal flat backs - so you can really expand on your designs - without expanding your credit card. Hmmmmmm.

I'm not one to believe in creative slumps or artist's block - but it's sure fun to get out into an environment that stimulates the ideas coming even faster than usual! So - you'll just have to watch for what we come up with next!

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