Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Creative Mind

I've been super busy getting the inspirations ready for this evening's update. We're all super excited about the epoxy clay.  I'll be honest - my initial reaction to the clay was ho-hum at best, that is until I started actually playing with it. I was provided a goodie bag of stuff to play with as long as I brought it all right back in case Stephanie needed it for demo's. Thank goodness she hasn't required it back yet! I just can't stop ... You can sculpt with this stuff! I'll again be honest and admit that my sculpting skills are a bit primitive - but oh, the possibilities for someone with actual talent!  :-)

So that I can get back to playing with the epoxy clay, I'll leave you with a fascinating  read on the  Ten paradoxical traits of the creative personality

It's so worth reading!



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