Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Hi all,

I didn't get much of a chance to actually get any jewelry made this week. I've been highly distracted with making little copper bits, and adding various patina's to them. I've showed them off enough, so I'll spare you from having to look at them again. ;-)

One thing I've been playing with especially is heat patinas. I'll try to get a little video done next week to show you how it's done. I finally started to get some absolutely amazing colours and peacock effects.

For a stunning example of a heat treated copper/mixed media - I found this on the Kuriosities blog, where you can read about the creation. Lovely!

We would love to have you show off your stuff! We're you inspired this past week by anything? Send us pics of your creation to with the subject line "Inspiration Friday"

Have a great March Madness weekend!

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The BeadFX Buyer said...

Funny you should mention the heat patinas. Heat-patina'd copper was a hot item in Tucson. Several vendors were selling everything from patina'd copper chain to crimp tubes (!). Considering how easy it is to do, I couldn't help but smile at the people oohing and aahing at this stuff.