Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday! And here in the Toronto area we had a fabulously wonderful mild day. Spring is finally coming. 

I spent most of my very quiet week (sans kids) on the torch, making beads. I'm starting to amass quite the little pile that still needs to be cleaned.  I did manage to make up a little bracelet using some of my heat patinated copper bits.  I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with it yet. I may rework it a bit more - it still needs something.

We would love to have you show off your stuff! We're you inspired this past week by anything? Send us pics of your creation to with the subject line "Inspiration Friday"


Anonymous said...

Your copper components have an archaeological look to them.

jen said...

That's what I was going for.

It's too bad they need to be sealed though. I just did a batch of verdigris ones. Once sealed, it really does lose a bit of that dug out of the earth quality.