Friday, March 09, 2012

Bust Form Reveal Day

A couple months ago, a few of us decided it would be a lot of fun to create or alter a bust form for displaying jewelry. You can see the original post here.

Lynne B made 'Eve'  - Lynne, be sure to email your address to me - I've got a little prize for you!   Isn't Eve fabulous?

The base is a piece of salmon cage (Styrofoam tube) that washed up into our intertidal zone (We get 28 foot tides.. so have lots of room for collecting intertidal shluck!) impaled on a turntable from a defective jewellery display.  The cover is all needle felted wool fibres.. I actually knitted the skirt and then felted it ... but it felted up rather than in.. so doesn't quite have the flow I envisioned.

When I originally decided to make this  Fall 2010 she was suppose to have three faces too  at the moment she has a totem of beads to hang the jewellery off.   I wanted something that I could put on the floor that would have enough neck to display pendants/ jewellery without having to hang half the necklace down the back of the mannequin.



I decided to alter mine from a commercially available bust form.

It's really quite amusing just how many times I painted/podged/glued/spackled this thing.  The more I touched it, I have to say the uglier it became. I mentioned on facebook yesterday that my 6 year old said to me 'Mom, that's so ugly!'  So, off I went to futz around with it some more.

I originally was going for a patterned background that was muted with layers of tissue paper and mod podge. The end result wasn't muted, and horribly shiny. I then decided to age it using distress ink. Well, instead of the elegant aged look of being in a dusty attic - it looked like it was dug up from a dung heap. LOL

I repainted it, then added some texture by slapping on a ton of gesso. It still looked a bit boring, and needed something else. I found a jar of blue chalkboard paint, mixed that in with more gesso, spackled that on top. It's almost there now. I may still alter it a bit more as I'm not quite happy just yet.


Islandgirl said...

HI Jen

Bit slow on noticing this....

She now has hips... looks more like lobe handles than hips but!

And you mean no-one else participated?



jen said...

Nope, it ended up being just us two..Oh well, pretty beads will be heading your way shortly!

Islandgirl said...

Thanks so much .. I sent my address to the info@beadfx email, think it should be on file too under fireballbeeds.

Thanks again!