Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tubes and Mixes and Bezels and Eyelets - and Owls. Oh, and Seed Pearls!

s39870 Czech Glass - 14 mm Tubes - Antique Gold (strand 25)
s39875 Czech Glass - 15 mm Square Tube - Ruby Aventurine (strand 25)
A little something for everyone this week. To start - some Czech glass beads - some long cylinder beads that just look great by themselves. Quite a few of these have a little Aventurine (Goldstone) sparkle to them - for a little added interest too. If you can't pick a colour, then maybe go with the Indecision Mix. ;-)

Speaking of indecision - mixes are a good way to go if you are looking for variety - a little something to spice up a bunch of projects, or if you are in need of some inspiration - something s39860 Bead Mix -  Pressed Glass Mix - Uncle Matte Black (100 grams)to inspire you to buy other beads - ummmm - like you needed help with that, right? Or just inspiration to make the next project - you never know where your ideas will take you!

s39859 Bead Mix -  Pressed Glass Mix - Slice of Ice (100 grams)
s39864 Glass Peacock Beads -  Puff Mix - Black Scarab (strand 25)A mix isn't necessarily about colours, but it can also be about shapes! This Black Scarab Puff Mix is different shapes, but similar colours, as is Uncle Matte Black and Slice of Ice!

s39846 Bezels - 15 x 21 mm Tabbed Oval - Silver Plated (1)Some new styles of bezels for your embezelling enjoyment! These tabbed bezels can be adapted to different uses, and here we go - cufflinks! How about custom cufflinks for the s39856 Bezels - 18 mm Square Cufflinks - Silver Plated (Pair)graduating guy in your family?

26037251-02 Riveting Supplies - 3.5 mm Eyelets - Gunmetal (36)
If you've been playing with leather - you may have decided you need some holes in it! With nice metal eyelets to protect them! Or you may just want to make nice finished holes in some metal blanks. Or - embed them in some epoxy clay! Lots of ways to use these if you are thinking outside the box, or the blister pack, in this case! These eyelets come in a variety of sizes and three different colours!

s39828 Vintage Style -  Goth Owl - Antiqued Silver (1)And finally - check out this excellent Goth Owl. How freakin' awesome is this, with his big feathery wings. Or this inscrutable Hoot Nanny Owl. She'll fix you with her is39829 Vintage Style -  Hoot Nanny Owl - Antiqued Brass (1)mpenetrable gaze, for sure!

s39838 Freshwater Pearls - 2 mm Seed Pearl - Cream Pearl (strand)Wait - before you go - I have to tell you about these seed pearls! We've had a bunch of requests for seed pearls, and we've been looking for them for you, but most of them have been crazy expensive! We finally found some at a decent price, so here you go! Go pearl-crazy!

As usual, click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here and get creating!

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