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Sunday, May 04, 2014

InspirationFX: Blame it on Rosemary


Get your creative juices flowing

Blame it on Rosemary

by: Rae Huggins

I'm totally innocent, so don't blame me.
Blame it all on Rose-mar-y.

She give my task: restock stones today
Yes I worked hard - but took time to play.
Out of that - this necklace inspired,
All work, no play - make you dull and tired.
No need to complain, no need to cry,
I'll be good next time - ha ha - I'll try.

Originally - I had intended to make a nice symmetrical necklace, but then I accidentally put two crimp beads on one side. I thought I had ruined it, but then I decided to make it asymmetrical - so that it didn't matter. Creativity comes from mistakes! It's all good!

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