Thursday, May 08, 2014

Dear Amanda

Thank for your question about Swarovski colours vs specialty finishes!

You asked:

Hi! Thank you for the great information. I have a question on the third party coatings. Are there colors made by Swarovski that are close?

I'm looking for a color that is similar to Champagne Rose (4mm bicone). Based on the monitor colors, it looks like Rose Peach may be close to what I am looking for. May I have your opinion?


Rochelle answers: 

If you want what is closest I would say the Rose. It looks lighter on my monitor, but in person it is a bit deeper in colour. If you want the pink I would go with this.

The Rose Peach is nice and will work if you are looking to incorporate the orange tone of it into the piece.

But the Rose Champagne sits right in the middle. There is nothing else that is close.

I took a picture of them side by side, Rose, Rose Champagne, and Rose Peach.

I hope this helps!

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