Thursday, May 22, 2014

New at BeadFX - Tassel-ation!

s39743 Components -  Tassels - Pale Seafoam Green (1)s39735 Components -  Tassels - Fuchsia (1)Many of you have noticed the soft, silky tassels that come on the ends of the high-end gemstone strands. You have asked us where to get these without having to buy a high-end strand of beads! - as they make fun earrings and other decorative uses. (Although why you wouldn't want to buy a strand of exotic gemstone beads is beyond me!) ;-)
So here you are - Gemstone tassels! Adorable, handmade tassles crafted from a soft, silky thread, in a rainbow of gemstone colours!

Oh oh! More O Beads!

s39544 Czech Seedbeads -  O Beads - Jet Vitrail Fulls39717 Czech Seedbeads -  O Beads - Rosaline AmberMore of those O beads! The O's just keep coming. Oh, the beads! Twenty-six more colour choices!


Fun Fashion Pearls

A new supplier, a new line of fun, 18088109-09 Glass Pearls - 10-16 mm Graduated Rounds - Bronze (Strand)18088109-01 Glass Pearls - 10-16 mm Graduated Rounds - Cream (Strand)fashion pearls. These cheerful pearls are an alternate to the high-end pearls, or genuine pearls. They are pretty enough and have the added bonus of being available in short graduated strands, so you can create the elegant look of a graduated pearl necklace, without having to get all the sizes! Just in time for graduation too!

As usual, click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here and get creating!

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