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Sunday, May 18, 2014

InspirationFX: Violet Sunflower


Get your creative juices flowing

Violet Sunflower

by: Dwyn Tomlinson
This piece came about in rather a round-about way. It started as a simple double-wrap bracelet. But then, I noticed it made a rather handsome necklace. And then, it was sitting next to some other stuff, and the colours all worked together, and the next thing you know, kablooie - sunflower pendant!

You can start by cutting the leather and gluing the clasp on. I rather admire this particular magnetic clasp that separates on one side to cling to the clasp.

I used about 19 inches of each colour of leather.

The base of the pendant is a Matte Onyx Donut pendant. This one was in my stash because it was chipped. This is a good technique to adapt to a damaged large focal stone, as you can use the epoxy clay to stabilize it and hold it together, and to hide the imperfection.

The metal sunflower is coloured with a swipe of transparent nail polish, each petal outward from the centre. I then antiqued it, using vinegar, salt, and peroxide.  A ball of epoxy clay was pushed into the centre. (I work with a plastic bag under the piece, so that I can get it off the work surface afterwards. Just peel off the plastic before the clay cures completely.) I then added the sunflower, another ball of clay, and then the rivoli, pushing it down to push the clay out around it. I let this cure.

I then made a snake of epoxy clay, and wrapped it around the outside of the donut, and flattened it, and added the rhinestones, and let it cure.

For the bail on the back, I was going to use some purple artistic wire, but then I saw this large silver ring on my desk! I flattened it into a sort of flying wedge shape, wide at the back to take the leather cord, and tapered to be comfortable to wear. I then attached this with epoxy clay as well, and let it cure.

The final step was to slide the pendant onto the leather!

Hope this gives you some ideas for different ways to use stone pendants!



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