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Sunday, May 25, 2014

InspirationFX: Queens Key


Get your creative juices flowing

Queens Key
by: Rochelle Kilmer

My intention for this piece began as a whole separate concept. This was the end result.

I can't even put into words how many times I put this together and took apart, added components, took some away!!

Although, I can say that the Wire Luxe held up quite nicely. I was able to transform it so many different ways !!

How to:
  1. Find the middle of the WireLuxe Wire Ribbon and squeeze it down, compressing it into a smaller size.
  2. Attach a Jumpring to the Key.
  3. Before you close the jumpring, slide it onto the WireLuxe Wire Ribbon, in the center where you squeezed it down. Close the Jumpring.
  4. Slinde one of the Antique Brass Ovals over the WireLuxe on each side of the key.
  5. About every inch twist the WireLuxe .
  6. In between each twist, stretch the WireLuxe out to the sides to get a wavy look.
  7. Centre the Antique Brass Ovals over the Twist on each side of the key.
  8. Squeeze the Ribbon/Leather Ends on the end and attach the jumprings and clasp.
You will have to play with the WireLuxe a bit to get the twists to sit flat.
I hope you enjoy !!!



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