Monday, May 26, 2014

InspirationFX: Pretty in Pink


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Pretty in Pink
by: Rae Huggins
"What inspires you?" is one of the questions I get asked. My dirty little secret is that it just happens everytime I have to restock the semiprecious stones. This time the Rose Quartz did it - this time I listened, after ignoring them in the past.

Wrapped loops at the top and bottom of the stones with some wire wrapping in between, because I love the look of the silver wire on the stones. The other two stones were linked and finally the second 16 mm round stone was added. I spiraled the end of the wire for some more fun and play. You may taken one of my wire wrapping classes at the store, or did a "Make and Take" with Pam, and if so this, is an opportunity to practice and play. Even if you haven't and this piece inspires you, awesome - just go for it.

To get the wire wrapped effect on the large stones, start with a much longer piece of wire than you would if you were just making a loop at each end. Thread the stone bead onto the wire, and slide it to the middle. Make a wrapped loop at each end of the wire - but DON'T CUT OFF THAT TAIL - leave the long wire end. Now take that wire and bend it down over the stone to the loop and the other end, and wrap it around the loop at the end (the wrap part) and wind it on and cut. The wire does not have to be tight. Then do the same with the tail of wire at the second end. (Alternate method: Instead of centering the stone on the wire, place it about 2/3 of the way, and then wide the extra long tail down the stone bead, around the other loop a couple of times, and back up to the first end, wrap and secure and cut there.)

Once you have the wire "cage" around the stone, take your pliers (round nose, flat nose, both are fine) and put bends in the wire, gently but firmly grasping the wire and twisting it by turning the pliers. This puts the interesting twists in the wire, and tightens it up to fit snugly around the stone.

The pendant dangle is strung onto the leather, and tie a knot in the leather to keep it centered. Then add the big hole donuts - knotting between each one and after the last.

Finally - add the end caps, crimping them down to secure them, and add the clasp. And you too can be pretty in pink.



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