Monday, September 17, 2012

My Shiney Little Secret

I get a lot of questions about my photography techniques. One of the things that is really important in photographing beads and jewelry is to  have an uncluttered background that does not detract from the item being photographed.

I often use a "stage" - a plexiglass sheet with a silvery backing to create a soft reflection of the bead in question.

But glass scratches plexiglass - and over time - it develops a haze of fine scratches that seriously detract from the professionalism of the finished picture. If you were photo'ing anything of normal size - no one would notice - but zooming in on these tiny items ... the scratches look huge and messy!

 See? Ew.

Scratch remover to the rescue. This scratch remover polish comes in a different grades - depending on the depth of the scratches - and is excellent for removing those fine scratches that  detract from the look of the stage. Just put a tiny dot on and rub with a very soft cloth.

 et voila! Scratches significantly reduced - (apparently - I also need some of the next size up - for deeper scratches).

 Also works for scratches on plastic sunglasses - oh, and for scratches and haze on plexiglass airplane canopies - which is what it is actually sold for.  ;-)


Gail Davis said...

Wow, I need some of this for my glasses! So, where do you buy it?

dragonjools said...

Google Novus Plastic polish for a list of distributors!