Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Seedbead Colour Durability

Now that I've gone to the dark side of beads - seedbeads - I want to know which are the best ones to use in terms of colour durability. There, especial are so many different colours and finishes to choose from, it can be confusing. If I'm wondering about these things, I'm sure some of you are as well.

This is a metallic finish that is put on to beads. The finish will come off after a period of time to reveal the glass colour underneath. This process ofr deterioration can be accelerated by usage of the bead in a spot worn against the skin. Some people have a pH balance in their skin that just eats the finish off as they are beading. To extend the life of galvanized beads, you can spray them with a fixitive such as Krylon.

db0431 Miyuki Delica 11/0 Galvanized Magenta

According to Toho, there is a possibility that the colours of PF beads might rub of due to continuous friction and the use of organic solvents such as perfume and eau de toilette.But the good news is that they are 90% more durable than galvanized.

tb8rpf563 Toho 8/0 Metallic Hot Pink (PF)

The Miyuki Duracoat galvanized line has received positive feedback and holds up well to everyday wear and tear.
db1840 Miyuki Delica 11/0 Galvanized Hot Pink - Duracoat

Dyed seedbeads are the least permanent finish. These are less stable and most likely to fade, especially bright pinks, purples and reds.

db0783 Miyuki Delica 11/0 Transparent Dyed Semi Matte Purple
Miyuki offers a great chart called Category of Finished Beads, that shows the colour durability of their beads. You can access it HERE.

Toho doesn't appear to have the same type of chart, but their website is fun to poke around.

I still have lots to learn about seedbeads. I hope you will join me on my journey of discovery.

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