Saturday, September 15, 2012

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Introduces Advanced Crystal

 “Evolution never ceases. Reforms in one area lead to further reforms in other area. One must, however, always be alert to the opportunities.”
Daniel Swarovski
Advanced CRYSTAL – A new CRYSTAL standard

The commitment to innovation, creativity, sustainable development and social responsibility, as well as the courage to think and do the unprecedented are central to Swarovski’s success. Extensive research into developing technologies and the use of materials and their composition gives rise to a level of innovation of the highest degree that breaks new ground and inspires the industry.

ADVANCED CRYSTAL is a further example of Swarovski’s boundless capacity to innovate and evolve and is the result of more than a decade of research into this topic. The pioneering crystal formula of ADVANCED CRYSTAL sets new standards and far exceeds the technologies that are the norm within the branch. It has been granted a patent in the US and 16 European countries.

Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. The incomparably and precisely cut crystal of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS conveys beauty in all its diverse forms. Above and beyond subjective perception, the quality and value of crystal can also be determined by objective criteria. Just as the value of a diamond is graded on the basis of the “4 Cs”, the value of a crystal is determined by the “5 Cs”:

Cut. Only cutting of the utmost precision is capable of lending crystal exceptional
brilliance. Exact faceting is required to wholly achieve the prismatic effect of the
crystal and bring out its full beauty. The more precisely the crystal is cut, the
greater its brilliance.

Clarity. Crystal only has purity and clarity to the extent that it is free of inclusions
such as cloudy spots, streaks and bubbles. This requires purest raw material and
processing techniques that are carried out flawlessly.

Color. Perfect crystal is also characterized by color intensity and
color fidelity, independent of size and cut. If a crystal reflects light particularly well
and disperses all its spectral colors, it will give rise to a fiery play of color in both
the crystal and the immediate environment.

Contour. A minimum of tolerances in manufacturing gives rise to
perfectly shaped crystal, which in turn ensures perfect processing.

Care. Sustainability concerning the selection and composition of
ingredients, responsible production, and conscientious handling of legislation,
customers and the environment are essential values in modern crystal

Swarovski is continually streamlining and developing each one of these five quality criteria and thus meets the highest standards with utmost precision, resulting in unrivalled brilliance.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS offers a reliable product of the finest crystal elements. ADVANCED CRYSTAL represents an expansion of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS portfolio and reflects the company’s sense of responsibility towards customers and consumers. The crystal formula satisfies the most stringent applicable legal requirements and regulatory standards governing restricted and prohibited substances in finished products as required in products for children, electronic devices, packaging and more.
Loose crystal elements are manufactured to ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard.

The majority of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS products already meet the standard of ADVANCED CRYSTAL. Over time, the entire range will transition to ADVANCED CRYSTAL.

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