Monday, September 03, 2012

Oh - what a tangled web we weave ... Sneak Peek at this Week

 It's a good thing that all of us here like different things, have different tastes and backgrounds. Because it means that there is ZERO chance that any of us will get stuck in a rut. ;-)

Case in point - Marg goes to Philly - takes a class - and comes back with this glorious explosion of colour and textiles - that she wove in the class - AND - we are now a distributor for Mirrix Looms!

Just look at these glorious weavings - with beads incorporated. Using small quantities of yarn, silk, ribbon, fibres - add some beads - wrap the whole thing on a brass cuff, add an ultrasuede back - and BINGO! (And - you don't have to pre-string the beads - that was the first thing I asked!)
 You have something like this! Isn't it gorgeous?

The Mirrix Looms are a well-respected brand - being well-made, compact, durable and portable. We will have small looms - designed just for beaders! And we will be able to special order the larger looms too - in case you have bigger dreams - or just want to have multiple projects on the go. Mirrix has also pioneered some very interesting techniques - such as weaving onto Softflex cable - for a flexible and ultra-durable piece!

Yet another cool thing to do with beads, or another cool thing to do with your scraps of yarn - depending on your point of view!

Available on the website - as of Wed @ midnight!


Jackson said...

I loved that first one the best :)

Marilyn Gardiner said...

Argh! That's the class I wanted to take at Bead Fest! Envy! So, Marg, are you going to teach this class? Or bring in the teacher?
It's beautiful!

The Dixon Chick said...

OMG!!! These are so beautiful!!! Can't wait to try it myself.