Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Polish

What do you use to polish your metal clay? When I want a shiny finish  the last step  I take in finishing my pieces if to rub them  with Pikal Care metal polish.

I first learned about this type of polish when I completed my first certification course and the instructor suggested that we use Wenol a similar polish.  I went out and bought myself some Pikal Care polish after that (at the time Wenol had been taken off the market) and I have used it ever since.

Ironically, when I was completing my submissions for senior certification I read the following in Jacky Truty's  Metal Clay the Complete Guide: Innovative Techniques to Inspire Any Artist: "When Art Clay World, USA senior instructors-to-be send in their three pieces for jurying and I look at their mirror-finished pieces, I can tell right away if they were told about Wenol.  If not, I grab my cloth and start polishing." 

It is great stuff and I even use it on the few sterling "knick knacks" I have around the house.  Before Pikal, I used what my mother had in her buffet or what my hubby swore by "Cape Cod Polishing" cloths.  I love Pikal Care polish and use it regularly.

Here is a piece that needed a polish.  Usually  I would torch the piece to get the liver of sulfur patina off but today I used Pikal to show how it works.  I did not get into the little crannies and for a heavily textured piece you would want to use something else but here are some pics.

 Before the Pikal Care

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