Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Instant Glam by Fernando

I'm sure some of you faithful followers were wondering where today's blogpost was. Well, today was the Swarovski Launch at John Bead and I wanted to be able to share some pics with you.

Robert Wylie and William Hodge from Armure Studios were in attendance to unveil a piece that John Bead commissioned. This portrait of Liberace is made entirely of 2mm Swarovski crystals.

Fernando DaSilva, Create Your Style with Swarosvki Elements Ambassador and Creative Manager for John Bead launched his new line, Instant Glam by Fernando. This is a line of bezels and Swarovski Crystal Rocks that were inspired by the shapes of architecture found in Tuscany.

I hope these arrive in the store soon....hint hint Marg!! I can see them filled with the Crystal Rocks, of course, but how about some Crystal Clay? Resin? Leather? My mind is exploding with all the possibilities.

Which shape do you like the best?

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