Friday, August 31, 2012

Design Iterations - 4 designs that didn't make it

As I explained - with last Wednesday's inspiration - there was quite a journey from initial idea to the eventual "Incarnation."

But the choice of blue stone - once I had it in my head that I wanted to do a blue stone pendant - well - I tried a number of different shapes - here is what I tried and why I rejected them.

Maybe this will give you some inspiration in the future - when you are trying to make a design decision!

I toyed with multiple dangles - I eventually rejected this idea as I really like the way it looked without it - and I wasn't sure if they were going to lay the way I wanted - and - having got it right - I just didn't want to mess with it any more. That's a fair reason, right?  ;-)

I tried the rectangle - and really liked the look of the teardrop pendant better. I think the rectangle is too similar to all the squares. It looks like a swing and a miss. 
 I like it - but ... not as much as the teardrop. Maybe because the square and the round are too similar - even shapes - circle fits in a square ... . It's not bad - but the drop is better.
 This dumorterite was also on my desk - I love the funky shape - but as the colour is a duller blue - it is too similar to the gunmetal - just doesn't pop enough.

Maybe you do the same thing - lay out the pieces and try different looks? Try it - sometimes figuring out why you don't like it as useful as finding something you do like!

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