Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Class Update

It's the pre-inventory class update! Please note that the store will be closed August 16th to 19th for (shudder) inventory. Yes, we really do have to count every last one of those little bitty beads.  Come by the store - learn something new, and buy as many beads as you can. Our staffs sanity depends on it ;-)
Thursday August 9th

6pm to 9pm
6mm fire-polished beads and delica beads create a colourful and stylish bracelet.  Reminiscent of the traditional Xs and Os design, the bracelet should be able to be completed within the class time.
Technique Focus: Right angle weave
Skill Level: Beginner
Saturday August 11th 

10am to 1pm 
In this class you will learn how to solder circles of heavy gauge silver wire and transform them into earrings and stacking rings.
We will begin with an overview of soldering tools, materials and techniques. Then we will fuel and fire up our butane torches and learn how to solder jump rings. Next we will discover how to create earrings and stacking rings by forming and soldering larger circles. Some metalwork finishing techniques will be discussed. Time permitting, one set of earrings and three rings will be completed.
Technique Focus: Soldering silver wire
Skill Level: Beginner

10am to 1pm
In this class, students will begin by learning basic bead crochet techniques on large beads and then move onto size 8 seed beads to begin creating a solid or patterned necklace. Amy will help you design and start your necklace.
Sunday August 12th

11am to 2pm
The Pan Chang knot is one of the classic Chinese knots. It is attractive and stable and can be used alone or in combination with other knots, beads and pendants to create an impressive jewelry design element.
This class will teach how to tie and tighten the knot in the basic form as well as additional methods for modifying the look.  Time will also be given to discuss design applications.
During the class the new techniques will be applied to complete a pair of earrings.

11am to 1pm
Be a wonder woman! You'll have an amazing time learning how to create and personalize your version of this simple copper cuff and matching ring.
This copper cuff bracelet and ring will introduce you to simple metalwork techniques such as folding, texturing and riveting, as well as patinas. The same technique will yield you either a pair of bracelets or a bracelet and two rings. Your cuff will be personalized - by what you add and how you finish it. Leave the cuff as bright copper, texture it, distress it and patina it. No two will be alike.

2 pm to 5pm
In this class you will discover the basics of folding, hammering, annealing and shaping metal. Students will be able to complete a copper embellishment to rivet to a leather bracelet blank, and a pair of earrings in class. We will play and pound and explore the amazing properties of copper. 
Small Beads 2
11am to 4pm 
This class will introduce you to the wonderful world of making lampworked or flameworked beads. Topics covered include:
  1. Overview of the equipment and tools, basic safety information. Setting up a home studio is also discussed.
  2. Types of glass
  3. Making Glass Beads
Students usually make about 6 -12 beads, depending on their aptitude. The beads you make in class will be kiln-annealed and will be available for pick-up the following day. If you are from out of town, we are happy to mail them to you at no extra charge.
Monday August 13th
Week 1 of 3
6pm to 9pm 
In this class you will learn how to make a bracelet, ring, two pendants and earrings (time permitting). You will learn basic wire techniques, wire wrapping and forming (sculpting). You will also learn the properties of the wire and the proper wire to use for different projects. 

Tuesday August 14th

How to Start and Run a Successful Microbusiness with Catherine Winter
6pm to 9pm
 Want to sell your creations? Perhaps it is piling up around the house, all your friends have all the jewelry they can ever wear, and now you are wondering what to do? Or maybe you would like your hobby to pay for itself? Or maybe you would just like to throw off the shackles of the corporate lifestyle and go out there on your own doing something you love? Whatever the reason, if you are considering selling your jewelry — you owe it to yourself to take this course. 

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Have you thought about taking a lampworking class but you're not sure if fire and glass is your thing? Come give it a try for 2 hours and see if it sparks your interest!. This class is perfect for those who love lampwork beads and would like to experience first hand what goes into making lampwork beads. This class is also great for those trying to determine if a formal introductory lampworking class is something you would enjoy. 

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