Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moon Face and Magic Spikes

Moon Face and Magic Spikes

s33677 Ceramic Cabochon -  Round Zen Moon Face - Warm Stone (1)
Tomorrow is the Blue Moon - the 2nd full moon in a month - although there is certainly some debate about that definition of a full moon - my significant other and I actually picked our wedding date because it was a "blue moon" - the rationale was that getting married was "something you should only do once in a blue moon." 

Regardless of whether you are swooning in a blue moon, or simply have teenagers mooning about the house prior to going back to school - you can appreciate ts33666 Bead Mix -  Seed Bugle Mix - Rustic Adventure (2 strands)hese Zen Moon Faces. We restocked the white ones, and have these new warm stone-colour ones too! Other faces, less moony, on the same page

And speaking of the kiddies going back to school - are you looking forward to having a few precious hours of time that you can spend on yourself? A few quiet moments to contemplate, to muse - to CREATE! Are you going to head out to that Rustic Adventure that you call a garden, or engage in the Archeology that is cleaning up the garage?

s33665 Czech Seedbeads - 6/0 Seedbead - Archeology (2 strands)
Or - s33663 Glass Beads - 18 mm Fat Spikes - Ruby Magic (1)are yos33654 Glass Beads - 8 mm Baby Spikes - Black Silver Picasso (6)u going to work some Ruby Magic - create your own Black Silver Picasso, in Spikes and Daggers.

Maybe you are the sort of ultra-organized person who, with the grandkids off at school - is now going to start in on making Christmas presents. Just 4 months to go - and it's not like you can get anything done during December anyway. If you are thinking Pendants - then look 75502100-01 Rattail Cord - 20 inch Twisted Satin Rattail Necklace - Chocolate Brown (1)at these simple twisted rattail cord necklaces. Self-closing - with a loop and a knot, these 20 inch cords are just the ticket for craft fairs and gift-giving alike. By the each or in packs of 10, Chocolate or Black.

26002050-02 Finding - Kumihimo - 8.5 mm Bead Cap and Toggle Kit - Gold plated (1)Kumihimo absorbing all your interests lately? More end kits, and some handsome stone focal s33619 Stone Beads - 40 x 60 mm Pendant Pointed Oval - Turquoise Howlite (1)beads - perfect for hanging on your hand-woven braids. Choose from Turquoise Howlite, Jade, or Unakite

s33622 Stone Beads - 40 x 60 mm Pendant Pointed Oval - Unakite (1)
Ifs33628 Stone Beads -  Faceted Hex Crystals - Tourmalinated Quartz (1) big chunky stones are your thing - check out this new tourmalinated quartz! Chunks of quartz crystal with needles of tourmaline s33630 Stone Beads -  Faceted Hexagon Tablets - Tourmalinated Quartz (1)entrapped within. Each stone is as unique as you are! And 3 sizes/shapes to choose from! 

s33631 Stone Beads - Substantial Ovoid - Rock Crystal Quartz (1)Or perhaps you prefer your quartz water-clear - like a cold mountain stream? We have more of these softly rounded chunks - in a slightly more manageable size than previously!

s33644 Stone Beads - 16 mm Carved Rounds - Dragon - Nephrite Jade - Gold (1)s33645 Stone Beads - 16 mm Carved Rounds - Dragon - Ruby Jade - Gold (1)And - if you love dragons - because there's a non-sequitur if every there was one - check out these stone beads with carved dragons, inlaid with 24 K gold! Jade, and Ruby Jade.

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