Monday, August 13, 2012

Why yes - Officer - I am wearing leather and chains ...

Feel like getting your kink on? This classy little number - courtesy of our very own Peyote Pam - combines chain maille with Licorice Leather.

I asked her if she would make it into an InspirationFX - and she thought about it, and then concluded, "it's hard to teach chain maille over the internet" - so she has agreed to teach a class on this in the fall. Stay tuned to our blog, or subscribe to our weekly bead blurb to find out when it's coming up! (Bet this would look awesome in black!

 UPDATE: It does look awesome in black - and Pam's class is Oct 25. Check it out!


Ms.Stephanie said...

WoW! awesome bracelet.

Maneki said...

Love it! Great mix of the thick leather bracelet and chain maille.